Using Your Scanner to Scan Test Mail for the First-Class Mail Study

Can I use my scanner to also scan barcodes on my test mailpieces from the First-Class Mail study?
Yes, you can use the scanner to scan barcodes from the inserts of the test mailpieces. You must open the test mail piece and scan the barcode on the insert. You can not scan the barcode through the envelope window.

What does the barcode look like that I would scan on my First-Class test mail insert?
The barcodes to scan on your test mail insert are made up of bars that are all the same height, but just vary in width. See example below.

Example barcode on test mail insert

Where is the barcode to scan located on my First-Class test mail insert?
Barcodes to scan on your First-Class test mail inserts are located underneath the boxes with the blue writing on the test mail insert. See example below.

First-Class test mail barcode

What happens if the barcode on my test mailpiece insert does not scan properly?
If, for some reason, the scanner does not pick up the mailpiece ID on your test mail insert, you can also enter in the 8-digit mailpiece ID manually onto the website.

Scanning Test Mail Postcards for the First-Class Mail Study

Can I scan test mail postcards?
No, in order to maintain reporter confidentiality, test mail barcodes are not located on test mail postcards. You can manually enter the 8-digit postcard mailpiece ID onto the website.