Reporting for the IBM Scanner Panel: Intelligent Mail® Barcodes

What is an Intelligent Mail® (IM™) barcode?
The IM™ barcode is a new Postal Service barcode used to sort and track letters and periodicals. This barcode provides USPS customers with the ability to better track mailpieces throughout their lifecycle in the mailstream.

How do I identify an Intelligent Mail® (IM™) barcode on my mailpieces?
The IM™ barcode is 65 bars long and is located on your personal mail. The bars on an IM™ barcode vary in height and do not line up at the bottom. When you scan to report an IM™ barcode through the website, 31 digits will appear on your screen. Below is an example of an IM™ barcode:

Example of an IM™ barcode

Below are two more examples of pieces of personal mail you might receive with Intelligent Mail® barcodes on them. Please note these graphics are examples and are not valid for any other purpose. The Intelligent Mail® barcodes are circled in red on the examples.

Intelligent Mail® barcode examples